Serge-Bertrand Community Garden

Serge-Bertrand Community Garden

The Serge-Bertrand community garden is already starting its 7th season in 2023. It is reserved in priority for the residents of the plateau, composed of 64 lots on the ground and 4 on stilts. The garden is one of the 22 community and collective gardens of the City of Gatineau. 

The principle of the community garden is as follows: each gardener member is responsible for the maintenance of his lot, they can sow the varieties of vegetables and fruits of his choice, in compliance with the regulations to avoid invasive crops (e.g., corn, sunflower, mint), and he remains the exclusive beneficiary of his harvest. 

The maintenance of common areas is the joint responsibility of all members. To this end, tools are provided free of charge to members to make their seedlings, maintain their lot and the garden. It should also be noted that at the Serge-Bertrand Garden, members have access to fruit trees and shrubs as well as herbs.

Even if winter is still here, the garden is already active. 

The registrations are closed, the lots have all been allocated.

It is time to think about buying seed and start planning the seedlings. Indeed, some seedlings must be done over the next few weeks, usually in March and April, to have plants ready to be transplanted in the garden. The benefits of seedlings are numerous, ranging from saving money to feeling accomplished, to access more variety, to the fact that it is an enjoyable and beautiful activity with children. 

Several sources of information exist, on the internet and at the library, to make your seedlings. Those just starting out can count on easy-to-grow varieties of vegetables such as cucumber, zucchini, onion, lettuce, cabbage, pepper and tomatoes. When buying seeds, it will be suggested that you do the seedlings a certain number of weeks before the last frost. Note that for the Outaouais region, the lazy gardener suggests using June 5 to calculate the date for planting indoors. Do not hesitate to start seedling!

We invite people to register on the waiting list if they wish to obtain a lot and for any questions related to the garden by contacting us: [email protected]

Congrats and thank you to our gardeners who are getting more and more involved, what a great collaboration. Have a great gardening season!

The Serge-Bertrand Garden Committee