Community Garden

Community Garden

The Serge-Bertrand community garden, named in memory of an important pillar in the history of our Association of residents of the Plateau, is located on the edge of the Central Park on rue de Bruxelles. Inaugurated in the summer of 2017, the garden offers 66 plots, including two reserved for people with reduced mobility. It already enjoys maximum popularity with its 100% occupancy rate. The annual registration period is announced on the ARP website and Facebook page.

The Serge Bertrand community garden is much more than a field on the edge of the Central Park, it is a place where residents of the neighborhood can meet, create links and exchange good practices.

Responsibilities of Gardener Members

Each gardener member is responsible for the planting, tending and harvesting of their plot and a membership fee serves as a contribution to the operation of the garden. Members must participate in chores during the season and must respect the garden rules

Offered services

  • Gardening tools and equipment are available to gardeners to facilitate their work.
  • Rainwater barrels are scattered on the site to optimize the use of water from rainfall and composting is done on site.
  • A hive is also located in the garden to promote the pollination of plants. This initiative is also part of a process to safeguard bees.
  • Various activities are organized throughout the season, both for gardening members and non-members, and are also offered to neighborhood schools and daycares.
  • At the edge of the garden, about twenty fruit trees and shrubs have been planted; plums, cherries, pears, black currants, elderberries and hazelnuts will be on the menu over the next few years.

Management Committee

A garden management committee, in support of the ARP, assumes the following main mandates: communications, organization of activities and training, development of partnerships, enhancement of crops, special projects, budget management and accountability.

This committee, made up of four to seven members of the community garden, meets once a month. However, in the spring, in preparation for the opening of the garden, the frequency of meetings may increase.

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