Styrofoam Collection

Styrofoam Collection

The city of Gatineau set up a pilot project to recycle styrofoam at the end of 2020. Also called polystyrene foam or expanded polystyrene, this type of plastic (number 6) is difficult to recycle. Why ? Because the collection trucks crush what we put in our blue bins during the recycling collection, which undoes the little balls of the styrofoam. These balls, charged with static electricity, stick everywhere and contaminate all other materials.

For this reason, the styrofoam must be collected separately from other recyclable materials, and the city asks us to take it to the ecocentre. There are three categories of styrofoam:

    • Food containers (fast food containers, meat trays, coffee glasses, etc.);
    • Protective packaging (for electronic devices, household appliances, winter protection and boxes for plants);
    • Insulation panels used in the construction of buildings.

To learn more about the program of the city of Gatineau, click here.

If it breaks... it passes!

When you're wondering if something that looks like Styrofoam can really be recycled, here's a simple trick to answer the question. Do the test to bend the object. If you manage to break it, it's recyclable styrofoam. Otherwise, if it just twists without breaking, unfortunately this object must take the direction of your gray bin.

Following the great success of the first styrofoam collections in 2021, the environment committee of the Association of the residents of the Plateau is organizing in 2022, in collaboration with several other neighborhood associations, a new series of three special styrofoam collections in 2022 for packaging protection AND food containers.

Take advantage of the service that your fellow citizens offer you by dropping off your Styrofoam directly to a drop-off point near your home to bring it to the ecocentre! At each collection, dozens of volunteers across the city make it all possible. 

Please make sure to rinse and clean your containers to remove food residue, remove all labels, plastic wrap, tape, nails, etc. and put in a transparent bag. Note that the two types of Styrofoam (packaging and food) do not need to be collected separately.

How to participate ?

Do you have styrofoam such as protective packaging or food containers?

Fill out the form below to register and to confirm the closest drop-off point from your home.


  • Registration will remain open until no later than midnight on Wednesday September 21st for collection on Thursday September 24th.

Thank you for supporting this eco-responsible initiative! By demonstrating interest in collecting styrofoam, we hope to encourage the city to set up a regular, local collection system to avoid having to go to the ecocentre.

The environment committee.

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