Snowsuit Fund

This Centraide Outaouais program provides good quality snowsuits at minimal cost to low-income families in the greater Gatineau area (Gatineau, Hull and Aylmer). Eligible families are those below the poverty line, according to the 2019 Low Income Measure.

By offering high-quality suits (market value of $80 to $100) for $25, it helps reduce social inequalities and minimizes the risk of prejudice and discrimination based on clothing. The program also promotes healthy lifestyles among youths, since children are more likely to go outside to play when they have warm winter clothes.


This event takes place once a year. Registration takes place in July/August and distribution takes place in October.

P.S.  By the same token, we also invite parents to get involved in the project, by being volunteers. If you would like to join the team of volunteers and offer a few hours once a year to this cause, do not hesitate to contact our self-help committee at the [email protected].

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