A garden on my balcony

Come and discover the secrets of a flourishing garden at our annual event "A Garden on My Balcony"!

Every year, at the beginning of May, we offer this workshop to help you cultivate your own vegetables, herbs, and plants, whether in your garden or on your balcony. With our practical advice and gardening tips, even beginners can enjoy a green and thriving space.

Hosted by Félix Moore, a passionate gardener from the Plateau and an expert in agronomy, this workshop will cover all essential aspects, from seed choices to soil, watering, and harvesting. Félix will also be available to answer all your questions and share his valuable advice.

We provide all the necessary materials, from containers to seeds to soil, so you can start your gardening worry-free.

Stay tuned for the exact dates of our next "A Garden on My Balcony" workshop and sign up quickly, as spots are limited!