The Big Cleaning

The Big Cleaning

The Big Cleanup is an initiative of the city of Gatineau to encourage and raise awareness of citizen participation in healthy waste management in our neighborhoods.

This activity is carried out more than once during per year, however, our involvement is limited to spring cleaning.

Our role is to bridge the gap with the residents of the Plateau.

For more details on the next edition of this activity, follow the news page of the website, our Facebook page or our Instagram page.

And for's here!

It is important to be aware of the risks associated with garbage collection. In particular, you must comply with all the safety instructions listed below:

    • Wearing gloves and hard-soled shoes is mandatory.
    • It is forbidden to go into the water.
    • You should only pick up household waste that can fit in a bag (example: paper, plastic bag, glass, etc.).
    • You should not pick up heavy, sharp or sharp objects (example: syringes, knives, etc.). If you see any, report it instead to the city of Gatineau by calling 311.
    • In closing, please respect the list of things NOT TO PUT in the bags: hazardous products such as liquid waste, chemicals, paints, petroleum products and products related to asbestos. Appliances and other electronic products, tires, propane cylinders and fluorescent bulbs are also prohibited. If in doubt about what can or cannot be put in the garbage bags, we suggest that you consult the City of Gatineau's Dtritus application.

In addition, in these times of a pandemic, you must respect all the directives of the Government of Quebec in terms of public health, namely:

    • Respect the rules of social distancing and wearing a mask enacted by the Government of Quebec and in effect at the time of cleaning.

To participate in this activity, follow these 4 steps:

1. Choose your area

Using the map below, choose the area or areas that interest you. If you do not see the areas on the map, click on the icon at the top left of the map to display the menu and check or uncheck the boxes of the different areas to see them appear/disappear from the map.

2. Fill the form

Tell us which area you would like to clean by filling out the form below. First come, first served ! We will respond to you by email to confirm the reservation of the requested area, and will put it in yellow on this map to let everyone know that the cleaning will be done in this area soon.

A volunteer in your area will provide you with trash bags so that you meet the city's waste volume requirements.

The Big Cleaning - May 2022 is over. Thank you to the many volunteers!


Red area  = Available area, cleaning to do

Green area  = Area already covered by volunteers

Black area = Commercial space

3. Clean your area

The day that you feel motivated, put on good shoes with rigid soles, then leave with your bags to clean your area.

Then bring the bags home, and let us know your cleanup is completed. We will highlight your area in green on the map.

On garbage collection day, place the bags on the side of the road.


4. Share your photos

If you wish, take a before/after photo or a photo of your family in action and send it to us at [email protected].

We will be happy to post them on our Facebook page.

Gift Cards Draw

To encourage the merchants of the neighborhood and as a thank you, we will give away several gift cards among the participants who have informed us that the cleaning of their area is finished!

Looking forward to getting you some fresh air and getting you moving by doing a good deed for your environment!

The environment committee


For any additional information, contact us: grandmenageduplateau[email protected]