Ice Rinks

During the cold season

Located at 205 rue de Bruxelles, the lighted ice rink in Parc Central is available for skating and playing hockey, usually from the end of December until the beginning of March, depending on the outside temperature. Hockey goals are also available on site.

We provide citizens with a heated hut located near the ice rink, allowing them to put on and take off their skates. On weekdays, this cabin is accessible from late afternoon until evening, while on weekends, it can be used from before noon until late evening.

This rink is under the responsibility of the City of Gatineau, which delegates its regular maintenance (snow removal, watering, etc.) to a private subcontractor. Users dissatisfied with its maintenance should contact the City of Gatineau either by telephone at 311 or 819-595-2002 or by following this web link.

In addition, ice skating lessons are offered according to the request of the citizens and according to the temperature.

It should be noted that other ice rinks are also accessible in the Plateau district, for playing hockey and skating:

    • Parc des Deux Ruisseaux, 22, rue du Tropique

    • Parc du Méridien, 16, rue du Méridien

    • Parc du Plateau, 155, rue de l'Atmosphère

Outside of cold season

The Parc Central ice rink remains available outside the cold season, given its asphalt surface. The following activities can be practiced there:

    • rollerblading
    • hockey ball
    • rollerblading hockey
    • basketball using the nets placed around the boards

For more details on the next edition of this activity, follow the news page of the website, our Facebook page or our Instagram page.

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