Practical Maps

What are the neighborhood boundaries? What are the points of interest? Browse the maps below to get to know your neighborhood better and get an overview.

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Neighborhood boundaries (North-West-East)


  • Library
  • Parks
  • Water parks
  • Cycle paths
  • Skateboard
  • Tennis / Volleyball / Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Exterior ice rinks
  • Cinema ($)
  • For a more complete map of the bike paths network, click here.
  • For more information on the free participation activities of the city of Gatineau, click here.

Community Life

  • Neighborhood boundaries
  • Community center
  • Home box libraries
  • Thank you to the people who helped us find theHome box libraries in our neighborhood! (updated: January 2019)
  • To find out about the other home box libraries in Gatineau, see the Facebook page Biblio urbaine. The "About" section contains a more complete list.


  • French Elementary Schools
  • English High School
  • French High School

Religious Centers and Churches

  • Outaouais Islamic Center
  • Aylmer Mosque
  • Le Chemin Church 
  • Christian Church of the Plateau
  • La Chapelle Gatineau Church
  • Catholic Community of the Plateau

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