The beginnings of our initiatives

The beginnings of our initiatives

The beginnings of our initiatives : Involvement of youth in the development of the Plateau.

April has been, since the inception of the ARP, an opportunity to create purchasing groups aimed at minimizing expenses for new homeowners.

This led to calls for tender via the ARP Journal to various businesses for paving driveways, landscaping, offering discounted purchases of decorative plants and shrubs, and ensuring winter snow removal. This activity was well-received by new residents, judging by the number of participants who signed up.

About 3 years after its inception, it was proposed to integrate a teenager onto the board of directors to develop a sense of identification and belonging to the neighborhood among young people and ensure that we have an accurate pulse of the youth. Sonia Sabourin joined the team. After contacting her recently and with her consent, I am attaching the wonderful text she sent me.

"Hello Marc Jacques,

I did some research. I started participating in neighborhood activities as a volunteer in first secondary (in 1997-1998). I had to complete volunteer hours as part of my international studies program. I joined the board meetings for the first time that year to give my opinion as a teenager on current issues... Over the years, I was able to attend meetings regularly and give my ideas on issues such as activities at the community hall of Plateau school. I attended the board of directors for several years, at least 4 years, in addition to participating in association activities.

It was my involvement in the neighborhood that inspired me to join the Youth Commission of the City of Hull (in 2000, I think); then, to the Youth Commission in the newly merged city of Gatineau (2002) until the end of my high school studies.

The ARP board of directors saw value in welcoming comments and suggestions from a teenager like me. It was a great experience to understand how municipal decisions work and the power of citizens to make things happen according to their needs and interests. I saw the power of listening to teenagers within municipal administration with the Youth Commission, especially with the opening of the Teen Center and Skate Park on St-Raymond Boulevard. I even participated in painting the walls for the opening.

Now, I have the privilege of serving another neighborhood of Gatineau in the Village Victor-Beaudry in the Aylmer sector. I am the secretary of the neighborhood association board of directors. It is now my turn to make room for young people. I admit I am still subscribed to the ARP e-newsletter. I like to follow them and see how the neighborhood is developing."

A big thank you to you, Sonia, for this empowering evaluation of your participation and especially the impact that your involvement has had on your career.

I wish you a beautiful month of April, embellishing your properties and gardens, as well as your individual participatory contribution every day to keep our neighborhood clean and attractive.

Best regards,

Marc Jacques Girard

Co-founder president of the ARP