Styrofoam collection

Styrofoam collection
We are excited to announce our upcoming styrofoam collection event on Saturday, September 30th. This initiative will provide you with a responsible and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your accumulated styrofoam.
Here's how you can participate:
1️⃣ Register: Interested individuals must sign up here:
2️⃣ Receive instructions: A few days prior to the collection, we will send you all the necessary information, including instructions on how to prepare your styrofoam bags. Please make sure to follow these instructions to facilitate the collection process.
3️⃣ Drop off your styrofoam: On the day of the collection, come to the designated drop-off point between 8 AM and 10 AM. A member of our team will be there to welcome you and collect your styrofoam bags. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about recycling and responsible waste disposal.
4️⃣ Pickup and recycling: Once the styrofoam bags are collected, a specially chartered STO bus for this event will pass by the various drop-off points to collect the waste. The styrofoam will then be transported to the recycling center where it will be appropriately recycled.
This collection event is highly anticipated by environmentally conscious citizens. Together, we can reduce our impact on the planet by adopting sustainable practices.
Feel free to share this announcement with your friends and family, so that everyone can participate in this beneficial initiative for our community and the environment.
We look forward to seeing you in great numbers on September 30th for this styrofoam collection. Together, let's make a difference!