Origins of the journal and creation of the ARP emblem

Origins of the journal and creation of the ARP emblem

I will stop in this second commemorative article at the creation of the journal and the association's logo.

At the end of 1993, beginning in 1994, Bernard Breton and Sylvie Lamarre initiated the publication of the first journal. They collected articles and edited them. I handled the linguistic revision and took care of the printing at Imprimerie Vincent.The goal: the quarterly publication would serve as a communication tool within the neighborhood.

With Carolyn Karpoff handling the treasury, we established advertising rates to finance the publication of 300 copies distributed to each door, thanks to volunteers supervised by Jeannine Doyle/Cormier. Monique Ferlatte/Paiement took on the task of meeting with newly established businesses in the neighborhood to gather their advertisements. From the first publications, the journal became self-financing thanks to advertisements. Around 2008, I believe, the journal became virtual and accessible to tens of thousands of residents via the Internet.

The first months of 1994 were also devoted to creating a logo representative of the neighborhood. The task of creating this emblem was entrusted to a professional graphic designer, Jocelyn Renaud. It features the slope of the plateau near the Gatineau Park mountain in the background, trees from the nearby forest, different types of residences, and, of course, in the foreground, the residents, mainly constituted by families. The logo would be displayed on the front page of the journal and also appear on letterhead. It underwent an update during the ARP's 20th anniversary, while preserving its original symbols.

Have a great winter!

Marc Jacques Girard