Looking for Volunteers

Looking for Volunteers

Join Récolte Frugale to Fight Food Waste!

Today, we bring you an opportunity to make a real difference in our community. Harvest season is underway, and the volunteers of Récolte Frugale are urban gleaners who come together to combat food waste and work towards alleviating food insecurity.

How Can You Participate?

It's simple! Just fill out the registration form to become a committed gatherer. 

By joining Récolte Frugale, you'll have the chance to take part in organized gleaning sessions. Once registered, you'll receive our newsletter as soon as a gleaning event is scheduled. You can then choose the sessions you'd like to participate in and head to the designated location at the appointed time.

Beneficial at Multiple Levels

During these gleaning sessions, you'll be contributing to the collection of food for organizations tackling food insecurity, such as food banks (la BASE, formerly Manne de l'Île) or the Plateau Food Bank, as well as community kitchens (Regroupement des cuisines collectives de Gatineau). In addition to this valuable contribution, volunteers also have the opportunity to take home a share of the harvest (1/3 of it), allowing them to enjoy local and fresh produce.

Stay Informed

Follow them on their Facebook and Instagram pages to stay informed about their gleaning and urban agriculture activities:



By joining Récolte Frugale, you become part of a movement that positively impacts our environment and community food security. Let's work together for a better future!