Exciting news for the Carrefour des Brises community garden !

Exciting news for the Carrefour des Brises community garden !

A New Chapter Unfolds: The fence for the Carrefour des Brises Community Garden at Shamal Park is in place!

Shamal Park is gearing up for a significant transformation with the successful installation of the fence marking the beginning of our future Carrefour des Brises Community Garden. It's not just a metal barrier; it's the first step towards realizing a shared green space that will become a neighborhood gathering place in Brises.

This project, supported by ARP and the City of Gatineau, is the result of efforts, consultations, and the dedication of Maya Venne-Gareau, a resident of Carrefour des Brises. We are thrilled to see the fruition of this work. 

We want to express our deep gratitude to everyone who contributed to this foundational step, from the municipal council to our valuable volunteers. A special thanks to Mrs. Bettyna Bélizaire, our municipal councilor, for her ongoing political leadership, and to ARP President Karyn Vaucher for her support from the project's early days. The new Brises garden also benefits from the generous advice and valuable technical support from the Plateau garden managers.

This is just the beginning of our adventure. In the coming months, we will share more information about the next steps of the project, volunteer opportunities, and how you can get involved to make this community garden a flourishing reality.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting initiative that will foster connections among neighborhood residents, urban agriculture, food autonomy, the creation of green spaces to reduce heat islands, and the participation of members of our cultural communities who will share the richness of their diversity and flavors.

Best regards,

The Carrefour des Brises Community Garden Project Team

If you have any questions, or would like to express your interest, please contact : [email protected]