Environment Committee – Message

Environment Committee – Message

We end 2022 with great accomplishments for the neighborhood. We hope for a renewed enthusiasm and sensitivity for the environment of the neighborhood in 2023.

The environment committee and its working groups acted and worked throughout the year to improve the quality of life on the Plateau.  I would like to thank all our volunteers for their involvement.

Have a happy holiday!

To get involved with us, email us at [email protected] .

Marie-Eve Charlebois

Major cleaning

During the holiday season, we receive a lot of gifts and therefore a lot of packaging. Remember that broken Styrofoam is recycled and we will have a collect in January. Until then, put it aside.

Here are some tips you can apply for your holiday season that will reduce waste generation.

1-Who says consumption says generation of waste and pollutants: The first trick is of course to review consumption habits. Make yourself a list of gifts to buy, so you will avoid compulsive purchases.  You can organize gift exchanges between your loved ones instead of single gifts.

2-Buy gifts from local sources, offer good home-cooked food or give gift cards that will allow you to live an experience (i.e. restaurant, cinema, spa) are all ideas that will reduce your ecological footprint.

3-Pack your gifts with recyclable and reusable bags or with what you have on hand (i.e. newspapers, Publisac, or other paper).

Hoping that these tips can inspire you, the Big Cleaning team wishes you happy holidays!

Stream Cleanup

On October 29, 2022, the citizen cleaning activity of the Ruisseau des Fées was held, organized by the Association du bassin versant des 7 in collaboration with the ARP. Throughout the afternoon, the volunteer citizens collected garbage of all kinds along the Ruisseau des Fées which crosses the Plateau district. Several garbage bags were filled, and this project accumulated data for a larger clean-up.

Be continued!

Styrofoam collection

Good news: Styrofoam collections in the neighborhood will be back in 2023!

The dates in sight for 2023 are January 21, May 20 and September 30.

The next Styrofoam collection will take place on January 21, 2023.

After unwrapping your gifts, remember to put the Styrofoam wrappers aside in transparent bags!

The watchword to remember which Styrofoam will be accepted during the collection:

If it breaks, it passes!

    • Only brittle styrofoam is accepted.
    • Be sure to remove the tape from it.
    • Food containers must be clean, free of food debris.

Have a happy holiday! Registration information will follow in January.

The Styrofoam Working Group.

Tree planting and maintenance

During the month of May 2023 will be held the planting near the bridge in the Ganymede.  The Fonds-Vert of Gatineau City and CREDDO are partners in the project.

We are still waiting for information related to planting in a dozen parks in the Plateau sector. An agreement was reached last fall in collaboration with the City of Gatineau for the planting of 100 trees throughout the parks in the Plateau.

We are building a database of people interested in caring for newly planted trees in Plateau parks during the season. If you are interested in this opportunity, send us an email!

If you have a location in mind that deserves to be greened and want to get involved, let us know, as subsidies for plantations are available.

[email protected]

The regreening team