Direct and Indirect Aid

Direct and Indirect Aid

In 2022, our self-help committee did not twiddle its thumbs, but gave several nudges. I want to talk to you about two aspects of this committee: direct aid and indirect aid.

Direct aid

Le Chemin Food Bank

For more than two years, the ARP has been proud to be able to contribute to the development of the Le Chemin food bank. With the collaboration of Moisson Outaouais, in 2022 we were able to fight food insecurity in more than 70 homes and thus meet the needs of 254 people, 31% of whom are children.

Distribution day is every other Friday, and we distribute an average of 1,800 kilos (3,968 pounds) of food per distribution. But, WE NEED REINFORCEMENTS! If you can join the team from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. every other Friday, it would be greatly appreciated. Simply contact me at the following address: [email protected]

Snowsuit Program

Last November, we invested in the snowsuit program, overseen by Centraide. We distributed 80 new and very good quality snowsuits. The beneficiary families only had to pay $20 and the difference was covered. It was wonderful to see the joy of the children.

Back to School Program

For 2023 we will participate for the first time in the Back-to-School program. Created in 1995 by Centraide Outaouais as part of  the Back to School program, the sharing stores allow low-income families in the Outaouais region to shop with respect and dignity. Thus, parents can buy school supplies for their primary school children, at a very affordable price, at a 75% reduction from the regular price.

Each family can choose what suits them according to their tastes and the needs of the children. By contributing to the costs, or by "buying" items, parents become active partners in this initiative, which rhymes with solidarity and mutual aid.

Indirect aid

Mutual aid is also our involvement with the people around us, through our volunteer action towards the community. Sometimes we do not understand the full impact that a public activity such as our wheat roast and so many others can have on a person. Without the contribution of our valued volunteers, all our activities would be unachievable. The ARP is proud to be able to offer Plateau residents a multitude of activities serving all age groups. Your volunteer work can transform lives.

A few weeks ago, we had an introductory hockey course for children. I was very touched to receive an email from a mom telling me that her 13-year-old son wanted to volunteer to help the instructor. He has done a wonderful job and I thank him.

We do not know if at our next activity a discouraged person will not be transformed by our smile and friendship. The challenge is on!

You would like to take up this challenge, so contact me without delay in [email protected] and it will be my pleasure to find with you the place where you can get involved.

The Aid Committee