ARP is recruiting – Secretary

ARP is recruiting – Secretary

Are you ready to get involved in the heart of our dynamic community? The Association of Residents of the Plateau is actively seeking a volunteer to take on the role of secretary within its board of directors during the next board formation in March 2024. This exciting opportunity will allow you to contribute to shaping the future of our neighborhood.

Job description :

Handling email and redistributing if necessary.
Developing and maintaining the filing system.
Preparing and disseminating documents necessary for the smooth functioning of the board.

Requirements :

Good knowledge of the MS Office system.
Ability to learn to work with other tools and computer programs.
Support for the vision, mission, approach, values, and orientations of the association.
Ability to work as part of a team.
Residence in the Plateau area.

The workload varies depending on events and activities throughout the year. The transition of responsibilities will be carried out with the support of the current secretary or other board members designated for this task.

If you are interested in this rewarding opportunity, feel free to express your interest or ask any questions by contacting us at [email protected]. Join us to positively contribute to our community!