Snow removal

Snow removal

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You need help with your snow removal. Perfect, here are the latest announcements! Take advantage of the map to see who's closest to you and consult the table below for all the details. Please note that a young person who does not wish to give his or her postal code will not be visible on the map; it will only be visible in the table.

The names in the table below are sorted by date of registration and are removed from the list after 2 years. After this period, you must register again.

Surname Age Contact details My message
Isabelle 10 8199311934 2020-09-24: Fully bilingual grade 5 student looking for odd jobs that don't interfere with school. This includes babysitting of kids older than 1 year, mail collecting, watering plants, placing garbage / recycling / compost bins, and my absolute favorite, taking care of any pets you may have! I love cats and dogs and will scratch ears and throw balls until your animals are fully content. All jobs can be directly overseen by a parent if need be, depending on responsibility.
Je suis un exemple ! 15 819-xxx-xxxx

2019-02-25: Laissez moi vous aider à pelleter votre entrée, votre patio ou votre balcon. Je suis une personne fiable et responsable.

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