Dancing partys

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Photo credits: Greyson Joralemon on unsplah.com

Organized by the ARP, two dances per year, one at Halloween and the other at the arrival of spring. These two moments of activities are designed to create a safe, healthy and fun environment for youth between the ages of 9 and 12.


Places and times

These activities take place in one of the schools in the Plateau neighbourhood on the last Friday of October before Halloween and the last Friday of March.

For the modest sum of $5, our young people can have a good time with their friends. We also sell sweets.


Safe activity

We care about your children's safety! During the event, many adults are present, including volunteer parents, a security service, the Service de Police de la Ville de Gatineau, students in police techniques, etc.


Looking for volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers to carry out this important activity for our children.

Please contact us for more information:


For more details on the next edition of this activity, follow the news page of the website or our Facebook page.

And for pictures...it's here!

Photo credits: Julia Raasch on unsplah.com